It was a dark and stormy night.

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He cloned and started writing, knowing that his work would be shared with others under the Free Art License.

His kids wanted him to read a story about the Catatonic Cats, but he had read that one just the previous night.

"How about this one?" he asked, pulling a leather tome from the shelf.

"Is it about boring old computers?" they sighed.

He began to read.

Jax looked over the numbers again. It seemed unlikely they would ever get high enough. Why did it have to take so long?

Each time humans killed one another, a pixel of dirt floated down to rest on the monitor, slowly covering it up like snow.

Fighting against the wave, sitting in silence, monks breathed, noticing the sensation of breath as it passed cooly through the nostrils, inflating the lungs gently. At the top of the breath a brief infinity passed as the air paused before gliding back out the way it had come, a bit warmer and moister. Carbon dioxide diffused its way to the bonsai trees in the garden, surrounding them like a vibrant blanket of light and life, for they were one and the same.